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Tips for the Most Relaxing Holiday Season Ever!

It is the end of the year and everyone is winding down for the holiday season… most folk are dreaming of sandy beaches, cool breezes and lazing their days away. The truth is, it is also our festive season and things can get busy really quickly. The holiday season can leave us all somewhat frazzled and that’s never a good way to start a new year.

Se7en+ 1 Tips for the Most Relaxing Holiday Season Ever

Plan Your Calendar: There is no reason to be crazy busy every day. Mark on the calendar things that have to be done: days you visit family, the special friend who has a birthday… Make a list of things you really want to do: a beach day, an outing with friends and so on. Make sure to also include days just for you: a rest day, and a reading day, put those on the calendar too. Make those rest days non-negotiable.

Be Intentional About Shopping: This is the time to have a running list on the fridge, there are just too many things going on to keep track of everything. With careful planning you don’t have to brave the shops everyday. With kids along I try to make sure that we do something fun to end our shopping trip, let them choose a summer fruit to take home and turn into ice pops.

Create Your Own Traditions: Just because everyone has a braai on Boxing Day doesn’t mean you have to too. You can actually choose to make a mac ‘n cheese and pop it in the freezer the week before Christmas and declare Boxing Day a pajama day for recovery. Brainstorm your favorite summer things… a swimming in the moonlight, an ice cream after dark.


Make the Errands Fun: Errands really pile up at this time of year, queues tend to be longer, heat tends to be hotter. We batch errands, keep a list of what we need to do and then do them all at once. The promise of an ice-pop, that you made in the freezer the night before, can make all the difference. Make the “last errand” a super fun one like gathering supplies for a crafty afternoon or a cookie baking day.


Pick a Family Outing: Ask folk around the dinner table if they have an outing they would like to do together. There is so much to do in Cape Town over the summer holidays. The Dino’s Alive Exhibition, a family movie, take-outs for supper on the beach, a walk along the Promenade. You don’t have to do everything, but it is a good idea to discover the things that your family want to do before you make plans.


Schedule in “Busy Days” with Friends: My kids’ idea of the holiday season is having friends to play. My idea of holidays is more like getting holiday things done early in the day so that I don’t have to stay up past mid-night gift wrapping. I make sure that play dates coincide with days that I need kid friendly help. I can bake cookies and give them a batch to create on their own. I can ask them to make sheets of gift wrap. A set of ordinary watercolor paints and printer paper can go a long way to creating piles of personalized gift wrap.


Postpone the Maintenance Projects: Nowhere ever has it been written that you will feel well rested after a spending your annual leave de cluttering the garage and painting the kitchen cupboards. The best way to conquer the never ending pile of maintenance is to make a detailed list of things that need to be done and then plan a maintenance day once a month for next year.

Ease Up on All the Housework: This is not the time to impress the world with your masterful housekeeping skills. Figure out a plan for the least possible housework, clean up as you go and a fifteen minute tidy up for everyone before dinner can make the world of difference. Make one or two extra meals that you can pop into the freezer and use up on days that you plan to relax. Have really easy snacks on hand. Honestly it is summer, and watermelon makes the best snack ever… it needn’t get more complicated than that.


I guess the golden rule for a good holiday is to be intentional and schedule in those rest and recovery days… you have earned them and you need them in order to step into the next year full of energy and ready to go.


Blog post written by Se7en



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