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7 Tips to Keep Fit with the Kids

TIPS AND TRICKS  |  APR 15, 2021


7 Top tips on making time to keep fit with the kids from wellness coach Caley Jack

By now, most of us realise that regular exercise is a vital component of a happy, healthy life. However, when you have a few bambinos in the mix, it can be challenging to make the time to get a move on. Fortunately, there are inspiring folks out there who are blazing the trail when it comes to keeping fit while also managing a family.

One such person is Caley Jack, a nutrition, fitness and mindfulness coach and mom to 8-month-old Ella Skye, who also happens to be a global ambassador for the largest group fitness company in the world - Les Mills.

Here are a few insights she had on share on finding the space in a busy life to give your body what it needs to thrive:

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the idea of keeping fit with kids in tow, you are not alone! As mothers, we have so many tasks we need to take care of throughout the day – house chores that never seem to end, and often work commitments on top of that.

We’re either folding laundry as the kids attempt to unfold it, trying to get emails out whilst rocking a baby to sleep in the carrier, or bouncing a baby in one arm while attempting to cook dinner the other. There are never enough hands and certainly not enough hours in a day.

Which of course begs the question – how on earth can I make fitness fun and achievable while being a mom?

The good news is that it is possible! Here are 7 top tips to get you started.

Make exercise a priority

Firstly, exercise should be prioritised or diarised, otherwise it doesn’t happen! It helps to shift your mindset to movement being a necessity to your wellbeing rather a nice-to-have every now and again.

Set achievable goals for yourself

Nothing will demotivate you faster than unrealistic expectations. Setting yourself up for success includes setting realistic goals. Every child is different and so is every mom’s time and capacity. I set 30 mins aside to work out twice a week and that’s what I can achieve within my capacity at this stage.

Have everything ready to go

If you are doing exercises at home with the aid of video content, have it programmed and ready to go when you need it. Prior preparation prevents poor performance!

Get dressed for success

Have your gym gear readily available to slip into, otherwise wear your active gear on the days you know you are going to be working out (there are so many comfy options these days anyway, right?!).

Amp yourself up with some tunes

Have a workout playlist ready to get you going. Music always lifts my mood and gets my head in the game in no time! As an added bonus, babies, toddlers and children love the energy and stimulation of some pumping tunes as well.

Make the most of naptime

If your baby or child is in a very demanding phase, it's often best to time your exercise to coincide with their naps. Have your mat, dumb bells and whatever else you need ready, and get to work as soon as they close their eyes.

Or simply include your kids in the fun!

On the other hand, you can also rope your kids in to get some wiggles out while you enjoy your active time. Here are a few ways in which I include Ella Skye in some of my workouts:

  • Exercising outside while my baby has fun rolling around and playing with our dogs on the grass with her play mat and toys.
  • Having baby strapped onto me in her carrier during my workout.
  • Including her by holding her while I do squats, lunges and shoulder presses, or tickling her and giving her cuddles and kisses on my mat in between push-ups and sit-ups. It’s a fun, inclusive and playful environment!
  • A good old stroll or jog around the block with the pram is always a great go-to!

Working out with kids or a baby in the mix is certainly not the easiest job but it’s not impossible either and shouldn’t be the reason as to why we skip our training days. Set an incredible foundation of health and fitness in your family from early on and you’ll be such a wonderful role model to your child as they grow up within that kind of environment. Go for gold mama bear!

Learn more about keeping fit and healthy as you navigate the challenges of parenthood by following Caley Jack. Here are the links:




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