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A guide to curating an athleisure style!



While athleisure may seem like a new fashion trend, it has been around for many years. The combination of athletic yet leisurewear is not only trendy, but it's comfortable, casual, versatile and a great way to show off your “chilled yet stylish” personality. As times change, athleisure wear is no longer only for when you’re going to the gym, but you can rock this look when going to school, social events and even some workplaces depending on their dress code. If you’ve seen this fashion style, and been meaning to try it, keep reading our guide to not only have the best gym wear but clothes that can fit into your everyday wardrobe. These may not be your basic wardrobe essentials, but they are essentials that can change your wardrobe effortlessly. 


Of course, we couldn’t start a guide without mentioning an important staple; sneakers. Sneakers are versatile and gender-neutral shoes that can be paired with your activewear, or with jeans, skirts and dresses. What makes sneakers a perfect addition to your curated wardrobe is that they provide the perfect comfort during the day and the evening, which is what activewear is all about. Another plus when it comes to sneakers is that you know that they are timeless pieces that won’t go out of style until you’re tired of them. When starting your sneaker collection, be sure to visit Speed Trainer or Sportscene at Capegate as they have a wide range of sneakers for women and men that will tweak your looks. Also, start by purchasing black and white pairs then work your way up to colours once you’ve built up your basics. 


What would athleisure outfit ideas for summer be without a few pairs of sweatshorts? Sweatshorts are one of the greatest clothing items after sweatpants. Not only are they comfortable, but they’re breathable for the hot summer. Whether you plan on meeting up with friends or going to run errands on a warm day after lounging around at home, you can still leave the house looking trendy without seeming like you tried too hard. There are a variety of stores where you can get sweatshorts – from affordable yet trendy pairs from Mr Price Sport to TotalSports if you’re looking for a popular activewear brand. 

Jogger Pants

When it comes to athleisure wear, some may be confused between jogger pants and sweatpants. But, although these trendy fashion pieces are similar, each is different and unique in its way. While they both ensure comfort, joggers are more lightweight as they carry a lighter fabric. Joggers make it easier for your legs to breathe while ensuring added comfort from the soft material. They are the perfect add-on for your athleisure outfits for summer. This breathable material will ensure you’re fashionable and trendy while keeping you warm on those late nights in summer. Or for when you’re at home on a day that’s too cold for shorts, but also too hot for sweatpants. You can find a variety of jogger pants at Mr Price Sport, Woolworths, and Cotton On at Capegate


Now that you know the difference between joggers and sweatpants, you may be wondering why you need them both? Well, not only are they comfortable, but they’re also a perfect look for Saturdays when you’re out and about with friends and loved ones. Plus, they’re also perfect for days when you want to chill and stay in. For sweatpants, the material is thicker than joggers, but it does last longer, and it’s perfect for the winter. Sweatpants are also an effective fashion trend in fitness as it helps you sweat more when working out, which has benefits like; a boost of energy, maintaining a healthy weight, helps fight diseases and health conditions and improves sleep. Be sure to pop by Sportscene, Totalsport, Cotton on and Mr Price Sport to get a pair of sweatpants. 


Tights have been around for years, and whether you need yoga pants, leggings or regular gym tights, you’re bound to feel comfort and ease wherever you go. While they are different and will provide varying levels of comfort, durability, coverage, and warmth, they’re still an important part of your athleisure wardrobe and can be styled effortlessly. We have the best clothing shops in Brackenfell with well-known athleisure brands for tights. Be sure to visit our stores and get yourself a pair or two. 

Final Thoughts

Fitness fashion continues to grow, and brands continue to make workout clothing that is good both at the gym and outside the gym – giving you the best of both worlds. So, if you’re looking for affordable gym wear that’s durable yet stylish enough for everyday life, be sure to visit Capegate We have a range of stores that have exactly what you’re looking for and need. We hope these tips will help you curate the athleisure wardrobe you’ve been craving. Happy shopping!

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