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We’ve got our eyes on some of the newest, most fun and just downright WILD fashion trends coming for us in 2018.

Here are a few of our favourite 2018 fashion trends you can expect to see on clothing racks in the near future. The best part? We’ve included pieces you can already find at Capegate! You’re welcome.

1. Embellished Shoes

Remember the shoes we (or our children) wore in the early 2000’s? Yep, they’re back ladies. Embellished shoes are popping up just about everywhere & it seems the consensus is: the more embellishment the better!

(Shoes found at Woolworths: R299)

2. Bright Colours

It is no secret that bodysuits have been a ‘thing’ for a while now, but you’ll start to notice them (and just about every clothing item out there) in bright, flashy colours in the upcoming months. It’s clear: out with neutral, in with bright, saturated colour!

(Bodysuit found at The Fix: R139.99)

3. Oversized Knits & Crop Tops

The 90’s are back! Have you noticed the extra-large, oversized knits, high-waisted jeans & crop tops appearing on the younger crowd lately? Now you know why.

(Knit found at CottonOn – R699)

4. Sheer

Skin revealing sheer fabrics are making a comeback and are leaving very little to the imagination! If you’ve got it, flaunt it…right?

(Top found at Woolworths: R250 in Quality Sale & R450 Regular Price)

5. Wide-Leg Trousers

Give this trend a try in the form of a jumpsuit for ultimate comfort or make a statement with a bold print.

(The Fix: Floral Trousers – R249.99)

6. Statement Earrings

Gone are the days where simple diamond studs were the acceptable go-to staple; helllooo statement earrings.

(Earrings found at Lovisa: Ranging in price from R140 – R240)

7. Bold Prints

Bold prints, especially floral variations, are predicted to be one of the most worn trends in 2018. Give this trend a try by mixing & matching bold patterns with unique textures in similar colour palettes.

(Top found at The Fix: R219)