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Getting the perfect chocolate eggs for Easter is always a bit of a dilemma. No worries, we’ve done some shopping of our own to make it easier for you! We know the kids will love these eggs we’ve found in centre.


Marshmallow Egg (strip of 3) | WOOLWORTHS | R7.99

Mini Lindt Eggs | WOOLWORTHS | R14.99

Giant Speckled Eggs | WOOLWORTHS | R19.99

Ferrero Balls (pack of 3) | CHECKERS | R19.99

White Candy Eggs (tray of 6) | CHECKERS| R25.99

Medium Lindt Bunny | CHECKERS | R49.99

Giant Purple Egg | PICK ‘N PAY | R24.99


*All kids decor items were sourced from Mr Price Home Capegate.