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So, you’ve made the courageous decision to jump on the wagon and change your unhealthy eating habits once and for all! Good job. We’re so proud of you! But, now comes the mammoth task of ridding your home of all those unhealthy goods (to ease temptation, of course!) and filling your shelves and fridge with a wealth of health!

Navigating the grocery store on a mission to find the healthiest foods for a busy bee like yourself can be extremely daunting.

Don’t worry, we’ve been there! The good news is that there is plenty out there that is both healthy and good for those on-the-go. Additionally, this is a lifestyle, so you don’t need to avoid those scary fat inducers (like sugar and simple carbs!) completely. Balance is key.

So, let’s get to it, shall we! Here’s our list of healthy grocery cart must-haves found right here at Capegate Shopping Centre.


A variety of fresh, personal-sized salads for those cooking for one from R39.99.

Low GI breakfast bars & fresh fruit smoothies for the worker bee – breakfast bars: R51.99 & smoothies: From R19.95.

Low GI soup mix in a variety of flavours, for the cook-in-training – now R29.99.

NOMU Skinny Hot Chocolate for those nights where you need a guilt-free treat! Now R51.99 for 200g.

Microwave dinners for the picky littles in the family, now R35.99.


NuSeed individual seed & nut packs for that perfect on-the-go snack. R39.99 per box.

Skinny wines, for that night cap you’ve been craving! Montino Light: R49.00, Four Cousins Skinny: R44.00 or Robertson Winery Light White: R40.00.


Dried fruit, nuts & biltong all in that perfect grab n’ go package size.


Organic Coconut Oil, a healthy olive oil or butter alternative, for the avid cook in the house. Ranges from R33.95 to R148.95 depending on the size.

Organic spices, all with incredible health benefits – R76.00 each.

There you have it! Pop in to Capegate today and get healthy with these great deals.