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To celebrate #Movember, we’ve partnered with Retail Box to give away a NAK Men’s grooming hamper valued at R1000.

The hamper includes:

1. NAK Daily Detox Shampoo

Daily Detox shampoo can be used to deep clean for all grooming zones – scalp, hair, beard and body!

2. NAK Outakontrol Matt Clay

This firm hold matt finishing clay that will help create wild, untamed styles with attitude. For short sharp hard wearing styles, this clay will twist and torment while adding structure.

3. NAK Beard Elixir

Nak’s Beard Elixir can be used for beards, skin or hair. It not only hydrates but softens rough, dry or course beard bristles. It spot cleans, removes residues and refreshes beard hair.

It also softens hair texture providing a natural sheen. Also provides a natural barrier protection for skin, soothing dryness and calming skin irritations.

4. NAK Close Shave Cream

Nak’s Close Shave Cream softens skin for super close shaving results while helping to prevent shaving rash, cuts and skin abrasions.

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