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Summer is almost over and what better way to bid farewell to our warm, sunny weather than a stylish garden party.

Whip out your award-winning hosting skills, invite your friends and family over, ’cause we’ve found the ultimate essentials you need to throw one amazing get together.


1. Plastic Wine Glasses

It’s time to break open a bottle of wine or bubbly, not break the glasses you plan to drink it in! These hard-plastic wine glasses in a trendy blue, are the perfect solution for your outdoor drinking pleasure.

(Glasses found at Woolworths: R210 in Quality Sale & R299 Regular Price)

2. Stylish Plastic Jug

If you’re planning to make a delicious punch, this hard-plastic drink jug from Woolworths is just what you need.

Stylish essential… check!

(Jug found at Woolworths: R140 in Quality Sale & R190 Regular Price)

3. Large Glass Dispenser

For larger groups, Home Etc. has the ultimate drink dispenser that is sure to keep your Sangria or Pimms Cocktail flowing all night long.

(Dispenser found at Home Etc: R599.95)

4. Cocktail Umbrellas

What’s a cocktail without a cute little umbrella to top it off?

(Umbrellas found at Mr. Price Home: R39.99 for 50)

5. Table Runner

Instead of a bare wooden table, opt for a neutral table runner to give the area a bohemian feel.

(Table Runner found at @Home: R299)

6. Bamboo Serving Utensils

No, a garden party is not the place for your pewter serving spoons from Carol Boyes!

(Serving Spoons found at @Home: R99 for a set of 4)

7. Tealight Candles

Set the mood before the sun sets with this handy jar filled with tea lights galore! Trust us, there are enough to add the perfect glow to your space.

(Tea Light Jar found at Pick n Pay: R159 per jar)

8. Large Candle Lantern

If the tea lights are not enough light for your liking, @Home has stunning large candle lanterns for the choosing.

(Lantern found at @Home: R299)

9. Outdoor Cushions 

Finish off your garden party décor with perfectly mix matched chair cushions for added comfort & scatter cushions … well because we just love how they add a stylish boost to every space!

(Cushions found at Mr. Price Home: Chair Cushions – R99)