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The following stores support the Capegate environmental initiative, #AntiPlasticCapegate, aimed to reduce the centre’s plastic waste footprint.

Here is how they do it.



Wimpy recently started their campaign, #Strawsuck, where they create awareness around the damage done by plastic within the environment. They are currently phasing in paper straws and will be plastic straw-less by the end of this year (2018).



PNA removed all their plastic bags a few months ago.  The store now sells brown recyclable bags as well as a PNA branded canvas bag as alternatives.



Their furniture products are made from recycled hard wood and natural products and use no plastic in their manufacturing process. Ou Hout also shy’s away from regular replacements like with melamine or plastic. Their decor items are mostly made from recycled frames, metal pieces, wood pieces and some natural materials.



The store has stopped using plastic straws as well as plastic packets and use brown paper packets / bags instead.



Woolworths is working towards removing all single used plastics from their store. They’ve made a commitment to ensure all packaging is either reusable or recyclable by 2022. In addition they are currently having an in-store drive on fabric bags. The idea is to incentivise the cashier with the most fabric bag sales per week. This creates customer interaction, increases sales and more importantly reduce the use of plastic bags.



The Pick ‘n Pay 100% recyclable bag is currently being rolled out per province and the complete rollout to all stores will be completed by the end of the year. The earbuds with paper inners are going into our stores in August. Straws have been removed from all checkouts and are only available at the cold drink and cigarette kiosk. Packaging reductions are an ongoing project and the fresh fruit commitment on punnets is already in store.



The popular seafood restaurant has rolled our straws made from corn starch as well as biodegradable take-away bags.



At The Inky Shop, they’re passionate about the environment. The plastic components in a single cartridge can take up to 1000 years to fully decompose. Thus, they have been promoting the awareness of recycling. They encourage all customers to recycle their empty cartridges and reduce waste by refilling their cartridge instead of buying a new one. By doing so, customers can save up to 75%.


Visit the information desk in the Edgars court to purchase your Capegate shopper bag for only R10 or purchase a gift card to the value of R250 or more, and receive a shopper bag absolutely free! Proceeds will be donated to charity.