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Boss Moves, Business Deals and Breakfast Spots at Capegate

TIPS AND TRICKS  |  AUG 29, 2021


We don’t need to remind you how important breakfast is. You hear it all the time, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, “start on a full note”, etc. In fact, the reason you’re reading this is probably that you yourself know the importance of a good, nutritious breakfast or brunch. After all, you have boss moves to make, and boss moves require boss energy.

Think about it, how many businesses have started around the breakfast table? How many ideas have come from simply getting together with a few like-minded people to discuss the new big idea over an endless supply of coffee? Well, there are more bright ideas out there, and we are pretty sure yours is one of them. So, why not come to Capegate Shopping Centre and take advantage of the amazing breakfast and coffee shops in Brackenfell to help you kickstart your business meetings and boss moves? Let’s look at a few places that offer delicious food, good internet connection and friendly service.

But first...Java Java at Mugg & Bean

Maybe you like something simple to get your creative juices flowing, or you have been wanting to try a certain kind of coffee you saw on social media recently. Well, Mugg & Bean has different kinds of coffees to give you the kickstart, flavour and inspiration you need. From hot and foamy to something cold and flavourful, there is something for everyone, so why not pop in and suss out the vibe? Mugg & Bean also offers delicious breakfast options, ranging from meaty to veggie to vegan, so you won’t have to worry about not giving your client or the people you’re working with a meal that’ll lighten the mood and light a spark in their brains.

Hearty meals...Bright ideas

Say you are a start-up business looking for investors, or you just launched your online store and need to meet with potential collaborators, customers or clients. How do you win them over? You know what they say about the way to people’s hearts, right? That’s where Wimpy comes in. Wimpy offers you a wide selection of amazing breakfast options for you and your potential clients to choose from, and tell us that’s not a way to score points?

And if you are the family-oriented type or part of a family-owned business and are looking to change your usual office scenery into something homier, then Panarottis the ‘Big On Family’ crew, has your back. Or say maybe you are feeling like something flame-grilled, then Cahokia Spur is the perfect place for you. At Cahokia Spur and Panarottis, you can sample some unique creations such as Panarottis’s breakfast pizza, indulge in Spur’s delicious Unreal Breakfast, and enjoy some teas and coffees made to your liking.

The sweet side of Capegate at Limnos Bakery

If you are like us and believe in adding a little sweet something to your breakfast every now and then, you’ll be as obsessed as we are over Limnos Bakers. There is something for everyone — all the time. From tarts and doughnuts, cupcakes and macaroons, small treats and big pieces, the only thing you have to worry about is being able to choose your favourites. You might want to move your entire office to Limnos Bakers, and you know what? We won’t blame you.

In closing

Sealing that business deal or coming up with a new one needs the kind of energy and inspiration our breakfast spots at Capegate Shopping Centre offer. So, come have a look and a taste, and maybe you might walk away with the next big thing. See you soon at your local mall in Brackenfell.

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