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Bundle Up With A Good Book From These Cape Gate Bookstores

TIPS AND TRICKS  |  JUN 22, 2023


Get ready to step into the fantasy with these bookstores in Brackenfell’s Cape Gate Shopping Centre. It’s easy to get lost in a good book. One minute, you’re saying, “I’ll just read one chapter”, and the next thing you know, it's 3am. There’s nothing wrong with getting lost in the words though, so let your imagination run and explore new worlds with Cape Gate and these bookstores. 

Words of Wisdom 

Books aren’t always about fantasy and novels; they also open up the world to a multitude of beneficial information. Books are an easy way to broaden your horizon and learn new things. Books like encyclopaedias, textbooks, and religious texts are a great way to begin a wormhole of learning you never thought you would go down. A great place to start this journey is CUM Books.

CUM Books offers an extensive selection of literature from a variety of genres. Though this bookstore does specialise in an array of religious-based books, they have a little bit of everything. They also have a range of trinkets, like mugs, stainless steel water bottles, and book covers and holders. Also check out their range of journals, notebooks, and other creative books that are ideal for writers and creatives that need a place to hold all their essential thoughts. Honestly, you can never have too many journals, especially if you’re someone who enjoys writing. 

If you’re looking for something more educational, visit PNA. PNA stocks nearly every textbook you can think of, so whether you are a student looking for their prescribed books or just a curious human looking to explore a new subject, PNA is an excellent place to start. Stocking study textbooks like The Answer Series and X-Kit, any student would find exactly what they need at PNA. They even have a fun variety of stationery, like different kinds of pens and every highlighter colour in existence, so if you’re a student, prepare to lose your mind with all these options. 

This store doesn’t only stock books, but also a range of arts and crafts equipment, making it the perfect store for hobbyists and artists alike. PNA is a great place to pick up a new hobby or a new way to pass the time, with things like adult colouring books, word searches and other activity books, and many craft sets to keep you busy. 

Get Lost In The Fantasy 

Explore a new world with every chapter by getting lost in the next top seller at Bargain Books. Bargain Books is one of the leading bookstores in Cape Town, selling the widest selection of books in nearly every genre. This bookstore is every reader's dream, with book collections stacked from floor to ceiling. Get the complete collection of the latest Harry Potter edition all in one set, or if you’re more of a Hunger Games person, they have that too. 

Bargain Books always has great sales that are up to 50% off or their all-time favourite, R99 sale, where they have the top selling books at the best prices around. This bookstore is one of the few stores in Brackenfell where you will find comic books, from graphic novels to manga; they stock every comic that a bookworm can dream of. Other than reading books, they have a range of board games, activity books, and hobbyist items. You can explore the world of Tarot, maybe pick a new sudoku puzzle book to stretch your brain and keep yourself busy. 

Final Words 

Books are full of new things for you to explore, and a great opportunity to escape from the world, even for a brief moment. One of life's greatest gifts is being able to lose yourself in the moment and let your imagination run wild. Visit one of these great bookstores and grab a good book in one of these shops at Cape Gate Shopping Centre in Brackenfell. Let yourself fall in love with new characters, new places, and an entire universe of possibilities by immersing yourself in the pages of a new novel.

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