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Every sneaker fan knows that there are a few things better than rocking new “kicks” in winter or summer. And with the festive season approaching, you need to look the part. So, if you’re searching for a store that sells the best sneakers in South Africa, Capegate is your sneaker wonderland. 

We have a variety of sneaker stores to visit; whether you are looking for sneakers for men, women, teens or toddlers, we have it all. The next time you visit us, or gear up for a festive season shopping spree, pop by these fashion, fitness and running shops near you if you need to look fresh this summer. 


Footgear is a well-known brand and has been around for years. You can find brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma and any other running shoe brand that will take your athleticism to the next level. All of the stores in our mall give you an opportunity to pop in and see which latest sneaker fits your personality, or surprise a family member with a pair of sneakers that they have been eying for a while. Visit Footgear; you might be lucky enough to find sneakers for sale on a pair you have been eyeing.


Sportscene is a fan favourite, and why wouldn’t it be? The store is aesthetically pleasing; it draws you in and offers you a wide variety of sneakers for women and men. It’s a respectable retailer in South Africa, so you’re guaranteed to find exactly what you have been looking for. If you’re just browsing, feel free to simply go in-store and speak to their staff about your shoe style. Before you leave, something is bound to catch your eye. Sportscene is the sneaker store you’ve been searching for.

Tekkie Town

If you’re looking to get the best deal for your money, then Tekkie Town in Capegate Mall is where you should be headed. And if you don’t believe us, then believe them as their promise is “to continue with exceptional customer service while bringing you the widest range of best quality footwear at the best possible prices.” What that tells you is that you will find festive sneakers at an affordable price. If you are still unsure, then take a moment to visit Tekkie Town and see if we are wrong! 

Total Sports

TotalSports is ideal for shoe lovers who are looking to get a pair of sneakers. But, that isn’t the only reason they’re popular; they have chic training apparel that will get heads turning, and you’ll look trendy from head to toe. Situated in the upper level at our mall, you will find all that your heart desires. Enjoy fresh kicks at TotalSport and indulge some of the biggest names; Nike and Adidas.

Mr Price

Mr Price is many shoppers’ favourite because of its affordability, and this is a footwear shops in Brackenfell that stays on top of sneakers trends. So, the next time you come to our mall, visit Mr Price or Mr Price Sport. You’ll find in trend sneakers for you and your family at an incredible price, allowing you to stretch your Rand. 

Speed Trainer

Been around since 1991, Speed Trainer continues to offer its customers athletic streetwear, including sneakers for women, men and kids. Whether you play sports or simply want to treat yourself to new kicks, Speed Trainer has you covered. Bring your chic style to the streets with trainers or sneakers from Speed Trainer at Capegate, and watch heads turn every time you leave the room.

Cape Union Mart

Cape Union Mart is another store that is often forgotten unless you’re planning on an outdoor adventure. But, considering their offerings are geared towards the great outdoors, you can be sure to find a pair of durable trainers and comfy running shoes. Besides, you never know where the festive season might take you. You might end up going on a hiking trip with family and friends, and you’ll need an arsenal to prepare you for the woods. So, be sure to check out Cape Union Mart footwear, there may be something that you may need. 

Final Thoughts

It’s been a long year, so why not go all out and purchase the sneakers you want. At our mall, you are guaranteed to find the pair you need at one of the above-mentioned stores. So what are you waiting for, visit Capegate today and get ready to shop ‘til you drop and indulge your sneaker addiction! 

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