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Meet deadlines & clients in these WiFi-friendly coffee shops

TIPS AND TRICKS  |  JAN 31, 2023


The days of being chained to your desk in an office are (thankfully) a distant memory, and the idea of being productive regardless of your proximity to the workplace is becoming increasingly accepted. Now, while your home office might be popping after some revamps or upgrades, a change of scenery can sometimes be the change of pace you need to reignite your spark and drive those career-changing ideas. Not to mention the loadshedding schedule sometimes necessitates a different work location…

So, pack up your laptop and charger, and head out for a day of meetings, deadlines or brainstorming at one (or all – who are we to judge) of these WiFi-enabled cafes near you.

Cuppa joe on the go 

Depending on your line of work, you might either be the type of person who goes from one cafe to the next during the day and scoffs down cup after cup of java while you work. Or, maybe you’re required to be more mobile, grabbing a cuppa on your way to the next client or location.

Either way, a quick, hot cup of coffee can go a long way to keep you focused while you make those big money moves. And you’re in luck because Capegate Shopping Centre has some of the cutest cosy coffee shops in Cape Town to quench your thirst and curb your craving on the go. Check out the likes of Peacock Tea & Coffee for a premium hot beverage while you check your emails, and even grab your favourite to brew at home later. And if value for money is the name of your game, swing by Xpresso Cafe for a steaming cuppa at a steal, and while you’re at it, grab one of their delicious pastries or treats at an equally unbeatable price. Either way, get ready to jump for java!

Workshop anywhere with WiFi 

If on-the-go isn’t quite your speed, and a relaxed environment where you can set up and focus for hours on end is a priority, a laptop-friendly cafe near you can quickly become your new home office away from home. And with Capegate Shopping Centre’s cafes offering WiFi for wandering workers, you’ll be set to connect and tackle your daily grind. Transport yourself to the streets of Portugal without changing your Zoom background by stepping into Vida E Caffe for some mind and soul inspiration.

Feed your brainpower 

As much as we’d like to, we, unfortunately, can’t run on coffee or tea alone. Believe us; we’ve tried (don’t try at home). At some point during the day (thrice if you’re not powering through any mealtimes), you’ll need to take a beat to grab a bite. Whether it’s a fresh muffin with your morning brew to get the day going or a hearty lunch to replenish your energy for The Grind: Part II, Capegate Shopping Centre has you covered with cute cafes that offer not only the best bevvies for your buck but also some delicious and nutritious snacks and light meals for professionals on a mission.

If you’re working on an especially big project and working up just as big an appetite, you know where to go for a stellar cuppa and a sizeable snack. From muffins and cakes to light meals, Mugg & Bean is your best bet for big cups and even bigger bites. Set up at the Capegate Shopping Centre branch, and feed your productivity with Mugg & Bean.

And if getting your 5-a-day is high on your priority list, feast on the fresh foods from Kauai while you tick off your to-do list. Their menu is free of harmful, synthetic ingredients and promotes health and well-being without compromising taste. Fuel up in more ways than one when you visit Kauai in Capegate Shopping Centre.

Enjoy bottomless productivity 

Whatever your line of work, a day away from the office or home study can be just what you need to get those creative juices flowing. And as you can see, we’ve got just the cafes to top up your cuppa while you work your way to the top.

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