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Pack perfect essentials for your next trip with these tips

TIPS AND TRICKS  |  JAN 31, 2023


Is there anything better than the anticipation of going on a trip? Well, if you read on and follow these tips and plugs, your trip can be even more exciting than looking forward to it. From packing tips to tricks for keeping a sense of normalcy, we’ve compiled your guide to ensuring you pack all your essentials and luxuries so you can just kick back and unwind, knowing your bases are covered.

Before you hit the road 

The first and most important bit of planning that can make or break your trip is deciding what to pack, and once you do, figuring out how to make it all fit (without needing to body slam your suitcase or getting the whole family to sit on it).

Honour your daily grind 

So, here’s the sitch. Going on a trip feels like something out of the ordinary because it is – but in reality, it’s only your location that’s different (and possibly some time zone or language differences). This means that you’ll essentially still need all those essentials and luxuries you use on the daily at home.

That’s where you start. When you’re planning and packing, make sure to mentally run through a typical day, taking a moment to stop and take note of any products, tools or gadgets involved each step of the way. That way, you won’t easily forget to pack an essential item and unnecessarily come home with a spare/replacement.

Speaking of spares and replacements… re-up your caboodle or opt for travel-sized versions of your daily go-to's to ensure you don’t run out mid-shower halfway across the globe.

Zip it and forget it

Now that you know what to take, it’s onto how in the…

We’ve all been there. You’re so stoked about remembering everything to pack that you completely neglect to think of the luggage restrictions that likely await you (either in the form of boot space or the pesky check-in assistant bursting your bubble with a scale).

So, what to do? Well, some packing tips can help you keep your carry-on as compact as possible, and the plugs in this article can help you upgrade your luggage to reflect the life of luxury you’re embarking on. For the best handbags, backpacks, luggage sets and duffel bags, pop into Urban Bags & Co at Capegate Shopping Centre to end your hunt for the perfect bag once and for all.

Make your everyday extraordinary  

Another important thing to consider before a trip, especially a long one and especially if you’re travelling with friends or family, is the everyday essentials you don’t always associate with leisure or travel. We’re talking retainers, allergy medication, chargers and the like. These things are so part of our everyday lives that we often tend to forget about them until it’s too late. You’ll have noticed that if you’ve ever gone shopping for toilet paper and batteries only to return without either.

We prescribe a list 

Before your trip, make a list of all the medications you and your loved ones take daily, including prescription medication (and the actual scripts for security reasons), allergy alleviators, supplements, and even the things you only reach for occasionally. Dedicate a small piece of luggage like a caboodle or toiletries bag to these items, and pack all these essentials in one easily accessible place. And while you’re at it, pop the list in there too, so you can double-check you bring it all back home with you. And we don’t need to tell you where to go for your re-up, but we will anyway. If you’re looking for a chemist in Brackenfell, Capegate Shopping Centre has all your essentials covered at stores like Clicks and Checkers Pharmacy. And for the wellness side of things, there’s Simply Natural.

Power up your guilty pleasures

Weird as it may be that these are considered essentials these days, we can’t deny how hard our lives would be without them. We’re talking about electronics, of course. Those tiny tools and devices that keep us plugged into our realities, schedules and social lives. Essential, see?

Now, as much as we’d like to encourage you and your friends or family to step away from the tech while you travel, it’s best to be realistic in life. Chances are, at some point on your trip, you’ll find yourself in need of a quiet moment scrolling through socials. Or perhaps you’re a workaholic who can’t go without refreshing your inbox at least once a day. Or maybe you even have kiddies who can’t stand to miss their favourite daily show. In any of these instances, you’ll thank us for reminding you to pack your devices (tablets, laptops, smartphones, smart watches, hair dryers, you get the idea) as well as the cables that keep them running.

In need of some travel tech like car chargers or Bluetooth headsets? You guessed it; Capegate has you covered on those, too! Stop by the likes of ORG Gadgets or Game to ensure you and your loved ones stay plugged in while you recharge.

Back to reality

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and reality awaits after you unwind. Remember when we told you to keep your lists? This is when you’ll need them. Upon your return, reference your packing lists to ensure you come back with everything you took along. Sure, travel shampoos can be replaced easily, but your latest-gen wireless earphones might hurt a bit more to leave behind.

Now that you’re ready to get packing, all you have left to do is visit your favourite mall in Brackenfell for your restocks and pre-stocks. See you there, and safe travels!

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