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Reduce Your Plastic Footprint



With the growing problem of polluting our oceans with single-used plastics and waste, we need to do something about it!

Recycling is great, but not entirely the answer. We need to start reducing our personal plastic footprints.

Here is how:

Bring Your Own Bag

When shopping at Capegate, opt for bringing your own reusable material shopper bags instead of purchasing plastic bags at the tills. Various stores, like Woolworths, sell material shopper bags at their tills too.

For just R10, you can get your material Capegate shopper bag at the information desk.

Say No To Straws

When buying drinks don’t take a straw. Alternatively, you can purchase edible straws at Store & More or get re-usable paper straws.

Buy In Bulk Where Possible

Buying in bulk, reduces the amount of plastic you throw away, i.e. chicken that is wrapped in cling wrap, fruit that you buy at the fruit and veg counter and needs to be weighed in a bag.

Make Use Of Glass Over Plastic

Glass can be used over and over again, plastic cannot. Re-use your jam jars and glass containers for various things, like storing food or displaying flowers.

Opt for glass bottles over plastic ones too!

Make Better Cutlery Choices

Did you know you get wooden, disposable knives and forks that you can re-use, rather than those plastic ones that need to be thrown away? You can purchase them at Woolworths in-centre.

Ditch The Cling Wrap

Instead of using cling wrap to cover your leftovers or pack lunches to work or school, use wax wrap or lunch wrap.

Read The Label

Microbeads might be good for your skin but they are definitely not good for the ocean! Once you drain the beads, they end up in the ocean and do not dissolve.

Get Rid Of Your Plastic Water Bottle

A single person using a reusable water bottle instead of a single-use plastic bottle can save as much as 170 bottles from being produced – meaning a family of five can save up to 850 bottles from being produced every year!

Choose Cardboard Over Plastic

Where you can, opt to use cardboard as it is more biodegradable. Things like laundry detergents, apples (choose a box instead of a plastic bag), etc.

Give Up Gum

Gum is actually made from synthetic plastic – did you know that?

Reuse Plastic Containers

Re-using the plastic containers that your groceries are packaged in saves you money and helps the environment.

Switch Out Your Blades

Opt to make use of a razor with replaceable blades instead of having to throw away a disposable razor every week.

There are so many other quick fixes that you can implement in order to reduce your single-use plastic footprint. Just do a quick internet search – you’ll be amazed!

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