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Show them you are nuts about them with a personalised basket

TIPS AND TRICKS  |  JAN 31, 2023


When it comes to gifting options, old and new, one has stood the test of time. Thanks to their mass appeal, gift baskets are still the gift that keeps on giving. Think about it; the perfect gift is one that your recipient would never buy themselves, no matter how much they may enjoy it. And with everyone doing what they can to save on costs, something like the contents of a gift basket will be last on someone’s priority list to stock up on when they shop.

So, take it into your own hands to give them an experiential gift that they can enjoy for a while and always remember how thoughtful you were to include their favourite brand of chocolate bar. Stick around for tips on what to include in a crowd-pleasing gift basket, how to add some personal touches, and where to pick up all your items in one go. The gift shops in Brackenfell are an excellent place to pick up everything you need.

Before you become a basket case 

Whether you’re planning on gifting a basket to a friend, family member, colleague or romantic interest, the basics of your basket will stay the same. See why they’re so popular? Now, just because it’s a crowd-pleaser doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and present your recipient with a truly unique gift, even if the idea isn’t.

Your first point of call when compiling a beautiful basket is, you guessed it, the basket. Take some time on this step since it’ll form the foundation of your gift, and, if you don’t plan properly, can easily become overstuffed or sparse-looking. So, when choosing a basket, consider the overall look of your final product, how many items it needs to hold, and whether you’d like to opt for something your recipient can use again (such as for a fruit display in their kitchen or drawer organisation). From there, your basket will basically build itself.

Brainstorm your basket

Next on the agenda is finding all the yummy, thoughtful or personalised elements you’d like to add to your basket. While the staples are expected, this is where you can let your creativity shine and show your recipient just how well you’ve gotten to know them (we’re talking favourite fruits and colour combos, not deep dark secrets).

Let’s take a look at the common food items to include in your gift basket:

  • Something savoury and crunchy, like nuts
  • Something meaty or umami
  • Something fresh or healthy
  • Something sweet or indulgent
  • Something to wash it down with

But remember, your best bet is to opt for what you know your recipient likes. That could mean choosing a fancier option for the nuts or even swapping out dietary restriction triggers for safer options.

Now, while we all love a good snack, it’s not the only thing that goes into a gift basket (otherwise, it’s just a platter with unnecessary packaging).

Here are some other items you can include in a gift basket:

  • Booze for the occasion (usually wine or bubbly)
  • Toiletries or pamper products
  • Custom keepsakes (like mugs or printed shirts)
  • A thoughtful message

Now you can go nuts 

Basket all planned? Great! Now comes the fun part. It’s time to shop for all your gift basket treats and treasures. And lucky for you, there’s no need to drive around looking for them. Simply pop into Capegate Shopping Centre, and you’ll find everything you need to make your own gift basket all under one roof.

For some treats that your recipient will go nuts about, swing by Montagu Dried Fruit and Nuts for a selection of nuts, grains, corns, and other deliciously crunchy favourites.

And for the treasures, we even have the likes of Swagg Printing to add that little something custom in the form of T-shirts, mugs, bottles, stationery and more from the experts of T-shirt printing in Brackenfell.

You, me, umami 

The perfect gift basket is all about balance – between useful and indulgent items, classic favourites and novelty treats, healthy and hunger-busting; but ultimately, the most important balance needed is flavour.

For that touch of umami to complement and highlight the other yummy treats in your basket, opt for something like biltong, chilli bites or droëwors from Montagu Biltong Bar or Biltong Craft SA.

Fruit for thought 

There’s only one last step before you can tie a bow around it. Every gift basket needs something fresh or healthy to bring some life into it. Whether you opt for fruit rollups, fresh fruits, a flower arrangement, or a succulent is up to you, as long as there’s something bright and fresh to break up all the snacks. Check out Montagu Dried Fruit and Nuts while you do your nut shopping mentioned above, or stop by Anysberg Biltong and Deli to pick up that fresh, colourful touch to your basket.

That’s a wrap 

Now that your basket is picked out and your treats and treasures have been purchased, you can put the finishing touches on your personalised gift and get it to your recipient so they can dig in. How you wrap your basket will depend greatly on the basket type you chose, but remember, be creative and make it appeal to your loved one as much as possible. So, come to Capegate Shopping Centre and “add to basket”.

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