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Surviving Black Friday

TIPS AND TRICKS  |  NOV 16, 2020


In order to keep your sanity and your wallet intact, there are a few Black Friday tips, tricks and rules we'd like to share with you!

This year's Black Friday Extended Sale takes place from 23 - 30 November. Get ready for amazing deals and promotions from many participating stores in centre.

Shop festive season gifting and décor or just stock up your household stock pile for next year. 

But, in order to keep your health, sanity and your wallet intact, there are a few Covid-19 friendly Black Friday tips and rules we'd like to share with you!

Compile your shopping list

Not all stores will be taking part in the Black Friday or for the same period. Keep an eye on the Black Friday participating stores event page to plan your shopping route and find out about their deals beforehand. Not many release their Black Friday secrets, but visit their stores or stalk their websites to get in on their promotions. When at Capegate, you will be able to quickly identify participating shops by the Black Friday Extended Sale sticker in their window. 

Be safe

Your health is more important that any bargain.  Please ensure that you adhere to the COVID-19 protocols in place during level 1. This includes the wearing of masks at all times, sanitising your hands in centre and at stores and staying 1.5m away from other people while you shop.  When taking a breather in the food court, please ensure that you sit at a table that has been sanitised and replace your mask immediately after eating. 

Keep hydrated

Carry around a bottle of water or an energy drink when you take off on your Black Friday mission. 

Bring along a shopping buddy

Never shop Black Friday alone! Team work makes the dream work. But, try to leave the kids at home – away from the crazy rush. It is also of utmost importance that you bring someone along that keeps up your pace - you would hate to bring along a lagging friend that slows you down!

Check return policies

Purchasing items amidst the madness can be quite chaotic, but be sure to check out the return policies for all the items bought. You might want to return a few things once the excitement of the deals actually settle in.

Opt for using credit or debit cards

We would hate for you to misplace your purse or wallet with a huge sum of cash in it! Opt for bringing along no cash and swiping instead.

Know where to park

We offer free open-air parking at entrances one , two, three and four! For guaranteed convenience you can parking undercover, entering at MediClinic or Builders Warehouse. Look for the covered parking sign.  On Friday 27 November parking will be R5 for the whole day. 

Entrance 1 - Pick n PayEntrance 4 - CheckersEntrance 7 - @Home
Entrance 2 - Woolworths
Entrance 5 - Game
Entrance 8 - Mr Suit Hire
Entrance 3 - Mugg & Bean
Entrance 6 - Cardies / Food Court
Entrance 9 - Mezzanine Level (down the lift: Mr Price)

Wear the proper shoes

Wouldn't it just be terrible if you are on top of your Black Friday game but 1 hour into it, your feet hurt because you're wearing the incorrect footwear. We suggest you lace up your most comfortable pair of sneakers to get the most out of your mission!

Know your way around Capegate

Not sure where the stores are situated in centre? We've got you covered! Visit the information desk, located on the upper level in the Edgars court and ask them for directions. This way you can plan your route and your shopping mission.  If you get stuck, you can also ask one our friendly Black Friday Butlers for assistance on Friday 27 - Sunday 29 November. 

Please adhere to the centre’s trading hours, which is 08h00 – 20h00. Check out the Capegate Black Friday Extended Sale event page to keep updated on centre deals and promotions as well as which stores are trading longer. 

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