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TIPS AND TRICKS  |  JUL 19, 2023


Make your way to Capegate Shopping Centre to start stocking up on all the household and decor essentials you’ll need to turn your house into the home of your dreams. From the latest kitchen appliances to an array of cosy bedroom essentials, when it comes to making your space your own, Capegate Shopping Centre has everything you need to do just that. And it doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg when you shop smart.

With a selection of some of the best stylish home decor shops in Brackenfell, you’ll be spoilt for choice and you’ll be sure to find everything you need to give your home that personal touch you’ve been looking for.  

Whether you already know what you need or are just looking for some inspiration, Capegate Shopping Centre is the place to go to get everything you need to upgrade your space all under one roof, and with a selection of stores to choose from, your options are endless!

Home is where the heart is 

Our homes are a reflection of who we are and what we value, and you can tell a lot about a person by how they choose to decorate their space. With the help of some of the best decor shops in Brackenfell, you’ll be able to showcase your heart in your home with ease, and make your living space a sanctuary that you can’t wait to get back to and one that is completely unique to you. 

When you’re on the hunt for kitchen and bath accessories in Brackenfell, these Capegate stores have an array of accessories to choose from. From the latest kitchen must-haves to clever storage solutions that’ll help keep your space organised, the options and inspiration are in abundance here.

Pop into @Home to shop for everything you need to style the home of your dreams. From furniture, decor, appliances, and kitchen and dining essentials, you’ll find it all here. Along with your favourite brands, such as Le Creuset, Philips, Nespresso, Breville, and Nutribullet, @Home is the homemakers' playground, for both first-timers and seasoned pros. 

Home etc is where you’ll find all the latest kitchen gadgets and accessories that’ll help transform your mealtimes and your kitchen space with a few clever buys. With a selection of accessories to choose from, such as napkin rings, carafes, cake stands and domes, and so much more, Home etc is where you’ll find the small touches that’ll add a spark of personality to your space. 

When you’re in need of a one-stop shop, House & Home is the store for you. Not only does this shop stock a vast range of accessories, but it is also one of the best furniture retailers in Brackenfell. So, whether you’re after a completely new dining room set or looking to add a few small finishing touches to your decor, House & Home has got you covered on all your homeware essentials.

Dream a little dream of me 

Transforming your bedroom into your own private oasis will go a long way in making your house feel like a home. Knowing you have this little slice of paradise waiting for you when you come home will have you daydreaming about the moment you step into it again. And it doesn’t need to cost a lot to have your space feel like home.

The first thing to do when upgrading your bedroom is to declutter your space to see what you’re really working with. Try and keep it minimal so you have space to play with, and it’ll also help keep the mind clear because our environment has a direct impact on our mental health. Once you’ve decluttered it’s time to make a list of what you need to transform your space. Is it new side tables? A rug? Or maybe it’s something as simple as a new pair of sheets.

Adding a touch of luxury to your bedroom is easy with these Capegate Shopping Centre stores. Sheet Street and Volpes offer a selection of fine linen that’s an instant way to uplift both your space and mood. We all know that wonderful feeling of getting into a freshly made-up bed and now add a touch of luxury with quality linen to that picture and you’ll be dreaming about that moment all day long. 

And speaking of dreaming. When it comes to having sweet dreams every night, our beds play an important part in this. Beds Form Home has an array of beds to choose from to ensure you fall asleep every night feeling like you’re floating on cloud 9. Whatever your preference, they have a bed that is just right for you.

Final touches 

Having finished exploring some of the best home improvement stores in Brackenfell, it’s time to finally celebrate your wins. And nothing says a job well done quite like a fresh bouquet of flowers. Ayesha's Flowers has you covered on that front with a beautiful selection of fresh flowers for you to choose from. 

Visit Capegate Shopping Centre to upgrade your space and shop stylish home decor in Brackenfell to your heart's content!

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