Child Facilities

Baby changing facilities

Each set of bathrooms has a dedicated baby-changing and feeding room. These are equipped with a changing station, seating on which to nurse, as well as a toilet and basin for parents.  

Bathrooms are located in the following areas:

Lower level: 

Corridor next to Game. Closest to entrance 5 and 4.

Next to Identity, opposite centre court. Closest to entrance 6 and 4.

Upper level:  

Behind Ocean Basket and ATMs in the food court. Closest to entrance 6 and 2.

Corridor next to Markham. Closest to entrance 2.

Corridor next to Pentravel. Closest to entrance 1.

Designated parking

To ensure easy accessibility to the shopping centre for parents with prams, designated parking bays are conveniently provided at each of our entrances.

Child safety

We take the safety of children extremely seriously. If you see anything untoward or suspicious when visiting Capegate, please alert the closest security guard or Information Desk attendant

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