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Curate The Gift Box Of Your Loved Ones’ Dreams



If you’re one of those people who love spoiling the special people in your life, you’re in the right place. Cape Gate is the perfect mall for you to shop to your heart's desire and spoil your loved ones with gifts, experiences and vouchers from different stores for them to enjoy.  


We all know fragrance is everything, the first thing you notice about a person when they walk into the room is how good they smell. What better to surprise your loved ones with than their own signature scent? At Fragrant House they offer a wide variety of popular fragrances that are simply to die for. Along with having every scent you can dream of, they are also affordable. Fragrant House offers a unique service that allows you to test out multiple scents so you don’t waste your money on one you don’t. You might even decide to buy more than one to mix together and create a one-of-a-kind fragrance. This is a unique gift for her that she is sure to never forget. 

If you’re looking for a fragrance that is more on-brand and familiar, visit Clicks. Clicks have a wide selection of familiar scents from celebrities like Britney Spears and Sarah Jessica Parker, and other big brand names such as Guess. Clicks also have an exciting collection of body and skin care products like body lotions, facial scrubs and face masks that are the perfect addition to a self-care package for your loved ones. Stop at The Body Shop, if you’re looking for fragrances that not only smell great but are also 100% natural. While you’re there, they also have a range of body scrubs and bubble baths for your favourite people to enjoy. 

Snacks For Your Snack?

The way to everyone's heart is through their stomach and the best way to get there is through snacks! A snack that you cannot go wrong with is biltong. At Biltong Craft SA and Anysberg Biltong & Deli, you will find the best A-grade biltong in the city. These biltong stores are ideal for meat lovers and casual snackers. If you’re looking for something more healthy for your loved ones to snack on, shop at Montagu. Here they have a variety of different snacks, from assorted nuts to fruit rolls, you are guaranteed to find something for any sweet tooth. Snacks and sweets are the best way for you to fill up any empty spaces in your perfectly curated gift box.

If your favourite people aren’t big snackers, the next best thing is to take them to a cosy coffee shop in Cape Town. Many cafes are laptop friendly and there are coffee shops with wifi, which is perfect for a cute lunch date or breakfast before work. Coffee shops are all about the vibes and who doesn’t love the smell of fresh brewing coffee in the morning?!

It’s All About The Fashion, Darling 

A gift that always seems to hit the spot is clothing! If you’re living with a fashionista then you know how important clothing is. Keep it classy with brands such as  Guess and Versace, at Edgars. With beautiful dresses fit for any occasion and handbags that are to die for, Edgars is every fashionista's heaven. Visit Foschini and find formal and casual wear that they will not be able to resist. Moms, sisters, friends or significant others, Foschini has items that will impress anyone you’re looking to spoil. 

Choosing clothes for other people is not always easy. Will it fit them? Do they like the colour? There is certainly a lot to consider and it can be a stressful process. A great idea is to let them choose their own items by gifting them a voucher! At Truworths you can purchase a voucher of any amount and it works at a range of different stores. This way you don’t have to worry about buying the wrong item and your loved ones can buy whatever they want, it’s a win-win! While you’re at it, why not throw in a voucher for a free manicure from Yemaya Express Nail Bar. Only extra special treatment for your extra special people.

Cards Are Still Cool!

We all know that there’s sides to our loved ones that not everyone gets to see, the cool and quirky side that you cannot help by love. Knowing this side of our loved ones means that we know exactly how much they all love personalised gifts. Visit PNA, and shop from many different arts and crafts tools you can use to make them a personalised gift like a love letter or a drawing that you know they will appreciate. Or if they are into arts and crafts, pick up some fun tool to keep them entertained for hours. PNA is also the perfect place for you to find the box you plan to use to curate your perfect gift 

If you aren’t particularly crafty yourself, check out Cardies where they have a wide range of quirky and cool gift cards for any occasion and a number of different personalised gifts that will make your loved ones' hearts melt. Everyones loves a gift that’s from the heart. If you're looking for more fun light-hearted items to fill up a gift box, try The Crazy Store. Here they have everything you can imagine in one store, gift cards, trinkets, snacks and teddy bears, which are all perfect editions to any gift box. 

Sorry, I’m Booked 

Have a little bookworm in your life? So you must know how difficult it is to get a reader away from their fantasy once they dive in. If a situation like this it is best to simply just give them more books! Add a few books from Bargain Books or CUM Books to your gift box and watch your loved one immerse themselves in their favourite activity. Both stores are affordable and offer a range of genres to choose from 

Final Words 

Go on, spoil that special someone in your life, the Cape Gate Shopping Centre way, and melt their heart without breaking your budget. Enjoy the gift shops in Durbanville.

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